Children in Cages

Quoting Splinter‘s article “Children in Cages, a Symbol of Trump’s America“:

Children being separated from their parents and put into chain-link cages. That image will forever remain a symbol of President Donald Trump’s America.


Trump has already backed away from this cruel directive, which was carried out at the southern border during the first weeks of his administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, but most of the 2,300 children taken from their families, most of whom come from Central American nations, have not yet been returned to their parents. And the situation still doesn’t seem to be a matter of urgency for his administration. I suspect that if they’d been American children, the response would have been completely different.


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We’ve had presidents, wise and courageous,
Whose legacies shine through the ages,
But when this one is gone,
His disgrace will live on:
A thug who kept children in cages.

2018 Colleen Anderson


There are ways that America’s great

There are ways that America’s great
and many in which she is not.
She can’t rest on her laurels and wait
or her dreams will eventually rot.

It was immigrants over the years,
a virtual cultural salad,
that led her to conquer her fears
when evidence proved they weren’t valid.

Will she open her arms and renew
the spirit on which she was founded?
Will she learn from the past and review
so that freedoms she touts are resounded?

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode

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That ole slavery myth was conceived

Ben Carson appeared to liken slaves to immigrants who choose to come to the United States while addressing employees at the Department of Housing and Urban Development Monday.

Carson, who was confirmed to lead the department earlier this month, heralded the work ethic of immigrants before implying slaves who came to the United States worked harder than others.

-Carson: ‘There were other immigrants who came in the bottom of slave ships, who worked even longer, even harder, for less’, CNN


That ole slavery myth was conceived
’cause alternative facts got believed.
They were immigrants all,
simply heeding the call
for those African poor and aggrieved.

© Lily Beth Baker, 2017

Yes, those African poor and aggrieved
disembarked from the ships so relieved,
that with no need to vet them,
how kindly folks met them.
Soon they prospered and proudly achieved.

© Susan E. Eckenrode, 2017