The Sand of Mar-a-Lago

In the Sands of Mar-a-Lago
Near the golf course fair and green
Rest the ruins of our nation
By Lord Shelley long foreseen.
For he wrote of King with ego
Proud and mighty, commanding sneer.
In power search betrays our credo
How could we let it happen here?


© 2017 Sandra Melville


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Pigs at the Trough

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

You lost, give it up, so they say
While they take all the progress away
No Clean Air nor clean water
Don’t treat folks as we oughta
Making money’s the rule of the day.

Making money’s the rule of the day
While they ethical standards betray
So ignore people’s needs
At the trough cronies feed
it’s no matter, Trumps do it that way.

Trumps do it that way-we must not!
Keep fighting the evil we’ve got
With friends be inspired,
Keep fighting these liars
The evil will win if we stop.



© 2017 Sandra Melville

Image Source: “Pigs at the Trough” by Joseph Crawhall, 1884

Budget and the Axe

There’s more than those ones which you’ve heard
like giving the axe to big bird
Take a look at what’s chopping
It’s more than dance hopping
There’s big loss for the poor that’s occurred.

Yes, there’s loss for the poor that’s occurred
Legal aid, meals on wheels-we’re assured-
Just get rid of them all!
Instead build the Wall
Tax payers would rather, Trump heard.

Tax payers would rather, Trump heard
I think that his values are blurred!
So he’ll dump the school lunch
It’s only a hunch
That improvement with grades might occur.

Improvement with grades might occur
Or might not, but still to be sure
For many each day
It keeps hunger at bay
Which should be the goal we prefer.

© 2017 Sandra Melville

Repeal and replace it entire?

“Republicans in Congress have long vowed that they can make health care more affordable and accessible. Americans will now see if they can keep that promise.”

Who wins and who loses under Obamacare replacement bill
CNN Money

Repeal and replace it entire?
Just throw the whole thing in the fire?
There’s much that is good
Just admit it, you should!
Why not just repair, we inquire?

© Sandra Melville, 2017


The Donald so friendly with Putin

President Trump, and his presidential campaign, have issued at least 20 denials of campaign officials’ communications with and connections with Russian officials. Here’s a listing of their denials beginning over the summer:

Trump team issued at least 20 denials of contacts with Russia
USA Today



The Donald so friendly with Putin
A connection he keeps on disputin’
Just show us the taxes
Cos hiding these facts is
Convincing the country you lootin’!

© Sandra Melville, 2017