The Man Who Broke Democracy

The voters of his scenic state are lagging near the bottom
in economics, education, health care, yet he’s got ’em
unwittingly submitting to repeatedly renewing
a covenant of lies to keep
compliantly complicit sheep
co-authoring democracy’s undoing.

Constituents uphold him as a prime Kentucky wonder.
Electing him was second to the most unlucky blunder
Americans have ever made. His forty years of scheming
attest to values plasticized,
a cancer that’s metastasized
throughout the land with open lesions streaming.

Applauded as a brilliant strategist, he is enabled
by unrepentant colleagues whose integrity’s been tabled
in favor of the golden calf that feeds their lust for power.
But if the final story’s told
their legacy of slimy mold
will darken history’s pages but an hour.

ccby 2020 Mary Boren

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