GOP Mantra 2009

elephant dump

Just say no to Obama so
We want to see Obama go
He wants to give to the poor and needy
We want to help the rich and greedy

Just say no to every bill,
The poor will feel a bitter pill.
Cut the tax rate of the rich to zero
We’ll become their tea party hero

Just say yes to what we write
Make the left seem not so bright
Make sure it hurts those most in need
They are the victims of our dirty deeds

Just say no to Obama so
we can see this President go
No more help for the unemployed
Make Corporations overjoyed.

We pledge to the Corporate heads,
We will cut taxes and their overhead
We’ll be sure to destroy the masses
The poor and needy can kiss our asses.


© 2017 M. Suzanne Wyatt

Image Source


So his heart inexplicably warms,

“Defense contractor stocks have risen in the months since Trump was elected, spurred by his promises of a ‘historic’ increase in U.S. military spending. The budget Trump proposed last month includes an additional $52 billion for the Department of Defense.”


Syria Airstrikes Instantly Added Nearly $5 Billion to Missile-Makers’ Stock Value


Graphic by Rafael Barker


So his heart inexplicably warms,
And he suddenly cares whom he harms?
No, he’s rushing to war
Specifically for
Enriching the dealers of arms.

© 2017 Colleen Anderson


Pigs at the Trough

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

You lost, give it up, so they say
While they take all the progress away
No Clean Air nor clean water
Don’t treat folks as we oughta
Making money’s the rule of the day.

Making money’s the rule of the day
While they ethical standards betray
So ignore people’s needs
At the trough cronies feed
it’s no matter, Trumps do it that way.

Trumps do it that way-we must not!
Keep fighting the evil we’ve got
With friends be inspired,
Keep fighting these liars
The evil will win if we stop.



© 2017 Sandra Melville

Image Source: “Pigs at the Trough” by Joseph Crawhall, 1884

The President’s wrecking ball swings

“Mr. Trump made clear that the United States had no intention of meeting the commitments that his predecessor had made to curb planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution, turning denials of climate change into national policy.”

Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama Climate Policies
The New York Times


The President’s wrecking ball swings
at the whim of industrial kings.
“In Money We Trust”
will be scribed in the dust
of the rubble their avarice brings.

© 2017 Mary Boren


Trump Dump

JUST HOURS BEFORE House Speaker Paul Ryan held a press conference to sell his health care overhaul legislation — using a PowerPoint presentation mocked for misrepresenting basic facts  — he was doing something he’s much better at: fundraising.

The two things were related. The Thursday morning breakfast fundraiser he attended was hosted by a lobbying firm working to unwind the Affordable Care Act on behalf of health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of the big winners of Ryan’s proposed legislation.”

Paul Ryan Fundraised With Health Insurance Lobbying Firm Just Before His PowerPoint
The Intercept

Now he claims it’s the Democrats’ fault
that the Paul Ryan plan came to naught.
Of course that’s not so,
some Republicans know
what a goat-rope their ignorance has wrought.

© 2017 Lily Beth Baker

The goat-rope their ignorance wrought
is exposed as a devious plot.
The corporate buy-in
of Speaker Paul Ryan
reveals what a lemon they got.

© 2017 Mary Boren

Let Her Not Be Tromped by Trump

We watch Earth’s children of the dust
Wait to witness what’s unjust
We see the eyes of greedy men
Change their lives – time and again.
And watch their trail of tears adjust.

Their waters will be filled with rust —
Their sacred lands beneath the crust
Will be upturned by businessmen
We watch the children!

What right is there in breach of trust?
What will be left of undiscussed?
There’s more to life than might of pen
And more to spite than last Amen –
They stand for life and life’s a must!
We watch the children.


© Joy A. Burki-Watson, 2016

Public Domain Photo