Children in Cages

Quoting Splinter‘s article “Children in Cages, a Symbol of Trump’s America“:

Children being separated from their parents and put into chain-link cages. That image will forever remain a symbol of President Donald Trump’s America.


Trump has already backed away from this cruel directive, which was carried out at the southern border during the first weeks of his administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, but most of the 2,300 children taken from their families, most of whom come from Central American nations, have not yet been returned to their parents. And the situation still doesn’t seem to be a matter of urgency for his administration. I suspect that if they’d been American children, the response would have been completely different.


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We’ve had presidents, wise and courageous,
Whose legacies shine through the ages,
But when this one is gone,
His disgrace will live on:
A thug who kept children in cages.

2018 Colleen Anderson


Mighty Cries

Politicus USA reports: Emma Gonzalez Survived The Parkland Shooting And Now She’s Calling BS On Republicans And Guns

Many at a rally in Fort Lauderdale that was organized to demand tougher gun laws rejected comments by U.S. President Donald Trump and others that mental illness was the main factor behind the slaughter at Margory Stoneman Douglas High School.


“We need to pay attention to the fact that this isn’t just a mental health issue,” Emma Gonzalez, an 18-year-old student at the school, told hundreds demonstrators gathered on the steps of a federal building. The shooter “wouldn’t have harmed that many students with a knife!” she yelled, shedding tears as the crowd cheered her on.


Gonzalez criticized Trump for overturning a measure implemented by former President Barack Obama that required extra scrutiny of some gun buyers with a history of mental illness. She also condemned the National Rifle Association, which opposes laws that it says violate gun owners’ rights.


“Politicians who sit in their gilded House and Senate seats funded by the NRA telling us nothing could have ever been done to prevent this, we call B.S.” Gonzalez said.

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To politicians still not heeding
mighty cries of children pleading
time is up. They’ll stop the bleeding
none of you had guts to do.
Come around the next elections
they will make their own selections,
calling out your misdirections,
voting out the worst of you.

Every time you try to sleep
may you hear the children weep;
may you see them crying, dying
in the pit of your denying
promises you vowed to keep.

Susan Eckenrode 2/22/18


Let Her Not Be Tromped by Trump

We watch Earth’s children of the dust
Wait to witness what’s unjust
We see the eyes of greedy men
Change their lives – time and again.
And watch their trail of tears adjust.

Their waters will be filled with rust —
Their sacred lands beneath the crust
Will be upturned by businessmen
We watch the children!

What right is there in breach of trust?
What will be left of undiscussed?
There’s more to life than might of pen
And more to spite than last Amen –
They stand for life and life’s a must!
We watch the children.


© Joy A. Burki-Watson, 2016

Public Domain Photo