‘Twas silly, that Republicans
should slay the nation in their wake.
All tipsy were these hooligans:
a hateful thirst they cannot slake.

“Beware the Trumperwock, my son,
the mouth that lies, the tiny hands!
Beware the veepish Pence and shun
their noxic falsehoods ‘cross the land!”

So festooned with my Bernie sword,
I set out on a norble quest
I’d see that truth was fin’lly heard,
I’d argulate more than the rest!

And there before me, heinidous,
appeared the poutic Trumperwock,
I knew him by his blondrousness,
and tiny, wrinkled… um… yeah… sock.

One two!  A.M.!  A twitter rant
that substitutes for governance,
Resounded in covfefe chant,
embarrassing his presidance.

“And hast thou slain the Trumperwock?”
My sad reply a peevly “Nay!
His Trumpanzees vote as a bloc,
they’re smart as Donald’s bad toupée.”

And so America was slain
by fatallacious verbal spew,
belonging to a human stain
whose age is more than his IQ.

© 2018 Thomas Horton

Image Source Unknown (If it’s copyrighted, it will be removed.)

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