Get prepared for a deafening clatter

Trump and his staff have held meetings to determine the best response to The Washington Post’s report that the president leaked intelligence about an ISIS plot to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister in the Oval Office, Foreign Policy reported.


Retaliation against Trump’s predecessor was apparently a popular option.


President Trump’s investigation distraction:
Point to Obama’s use of intel-sharing program



Get prepared for a deafening clatter
and a lot of nonsensical chatter
with intent to distract
from each relevant fact
that might get to the heart of the matter.

Lily Beth Baker, 5/19/17

How long must America wait

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein’s appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller to act as special counsel investigating Russian meddling into the 2016 election is an unexpected development in the issue that’s roiled the early days of Donald Trump’s administration. While it’s also a relatively unusual step in recent history, we do know one thing about it: The odds are good that it will take a while.


The Fix walked through a number of times that outside investigations have been launched in American history. But before we get too far down the path of exploring how long those took, it’s worth clarifying what exactly we’re talking about.


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How long will the special counsel’s investigation of Russia take?
Possibly years.

Philip Bump, The Washington Post



How long must America wait
for the law to resolve the debate?
Will the diligent Mueller
find proof in full color
of criminal actions too late?

Mary Boren, 5/18/17


“Enormously Disappointing”

“Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates fired back Monday when Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) attempted to corner her over her opposition to President Trump’s immigration executive order. At a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing, Cornyn informed Yates that he found it ‘enormously disappointing’ that she ‘somehow vetoed the decision of the Office of Legal Counsel with regard to the lawfulness of the president’s order’ just because she happened ‘to disagree with it as a policy matter.’


Yates refused to let Cornyn reduce the debate to just a ‘policy matter.'”


This GOP senator tried to shame Sally Yates for opposing Trump’s travel ban. She demolished him.
The Week



Defying the law he was sworn in
to serve, POTUS flipped off her warnin’.
Now bullying Sally
serves only to rally
contempt for the arrogant Cornyn.

Mary Boren, 5/8/17


Squiggerly, wriggerly,

“Over the weekend, [GOP Senator Lindsey] Graham said at a town hall that the situation with Flynn was “getting weirder by the day,” and implored his fellow Republicans to “stay focused” on the investigation into Russia’s attempt to influence the outcome of the presidential election. Graham, who has been critical of the Trump administration’s approach to Russian relations, said Monday that he wouldn’t give immunity to Flynn, and said that Trump’s tweet defending Flynn’s request for immunity was ‘inappropriate.’”

Graham: Flynn asking for immunity “is a bit bizarre”




Squiggerly, wriggerly,
General Flynn will be
ever so willingly
ready to talk…

that is provided he
gets full immunity.
then he can walk.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode


Munity Lunacy

“Nunes, wannabe private eye, surreptitiously examined information that he thought would exculpate Trump from his bogus tweet that he had been wiretapped at the Trump Tower last year by President Barack Obama.


Nunes revealed himself to be a sleuth of the Inspector Clouseau variety: klutzy, incompetent and prone to produce chaos wherever he turns up.”


 This Watergate lawmaker set the standard for slavish loyalty. Then came Nunes.
Colbert I. King, Opinion, The Washington Post



Munity lunacy,
Devin G. Nunes, he
stumbled and fumbled
the touchdown for Trump.

Surging with sycophant’s
now he must pass the
intelligence dump.

© 2017 Mary Boren