Munity Lunacy

“Nunes, wannabe private eye, surreptitiously examined information that he thought would exculpate Trump from his bogus tweet that he had been wiretapped at the Trump Tower last year by President Barack Obama.


Nunes revealed himself to be a sleuth of the Inspector Clouseau variety: klutzy, incompetent and prone to produce chaos wherever he turns up.”


 This Watergate lawmaker set the standard for slavish loyalty. Then came Nunes.
Colbert I. King, Opinion, The Washington Post



Munity lunacy,
Devin G. Nunes, he
stumbled and fumbled
the touchdown for Trump.

Surging with sycophant’s
now he must pass the
intelligence dump.

© 2017 Mary Boren


We want some real prodding and poking

“Frankly, if Republicans in Congress want to demonstrate independence from a failing president and avoid constant questions about the issue they’d be smart to offload the entire matter to an independent commission or select committee. Nunes has made his own position — and Republicans’ support for him — increasingly difficult to maintain.”

Now  we know why Trump panicked about Russia probe
The Washington Post


Graphic by Rafael Barker


We want some real prodding and poking
To learn what this White House is cloaking.
Nunes, open that door,
We need to know more.
There’s a fire underneath all that smoking.

© 2017 Colleen Anderson