Though he ran on a platform of hate

“‘This thing’ is more than disappointment by the defeat of Hillary Clinton, arguably the most qualified person to seek the office in recent memory who happens to be a woman.

After a campaign that mainstreamed white supremacy, xenophobia and misogyny, ‘this thing’ is palpable fear.”

Commentary: Why millions of Americans fear the looming Donald Trump presidency
Chicago Tribune



Though he ran on a platform of hate,
still he surged on ahead out the gate.
So what does that say
’bout the US of A
that a man such as he is our fate.

With limericks readied to rock,
their humor may soften the shock
of troubles ahead that many now dread.
It’s Liberty’s head on the block.

When Kellyanne Conjob recites
alternative facts she ignites
a searing hot fire of Liberty’s ire
that burns for humanity’s rights.

© Lily Beth Baker, 2017