When Religion Gets Sick

Years ago psychology of religion professor Wayne Oates wrote a book entitled When Religion Gets Sick. Oates pointed out that religion can be good or bad, healthy or sick, liberating or oppressive, intelligent or insane. This past week we have seen several examples of bad, sick, oppressive, and insane religion…. Continue reading

Who’s That Knocking at the Door? 1 John 4:16-19

The popular psychologist Jesse Lair wrote a book years ago entitled I Ain’t Well, But I Sure Am Better.  In many ways, these words could be the testimony of my life.  I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve come a long way, too. Just ask my wife. To… Continue reading

Job 42:1-6 “Out of the Whirlwind”

(This is the second sermon preached on the Book of Job. The first sermon found as “Job1:1-2:13; 42:7-17 “A Question of Motive” should be read first. The beginning of that first sermon explains the distinction between the prose and poetry parts of the Book of Job.) In the vast poetry… Continue reading

Trusting Ourselves

Meister Eckhart lived from 1260-1329 and was probably the greatest of the medieval Christian mystics. He was a very popular preacher in his day. We still have most of his sermons. Some of his insights anticipated discoveries in modern physics as well as the development of Process Philosophy and Theology…. Continue reading

Exodus 6:1-15 “Risky Freedom”

The background to our passage is the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. Those descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have suffered the harshness of slavery for centuries. Generation after generation has cried out for freedom. The Hebrews experience despair, agony, humiliation, suffering and, perhaps worst of all, hopelessness. The… Continue reading

John 3:16-17 Series “For God So Loved the World” (Part Three)

In the second sermon of this series on John 3:16 we discovered that the focus of eternal life in the New Testament is not on how long it lasts (although it lasts forever)—the focus is on the quality of life. Eternal life is a life lived in the Kingdom of… Continue reading

John 6:60-69 – Miracles Born From Faith

In Fyodor Dostoevsky’s masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov, we mind a remarkable statement: “In the realist, faith is not born from miracles, but miracles from faith.” I have been puzzled for years over the miracle stories of Jesus. He healed all kinds of people with all kinds of diseases. He calmed… Continue reading

Revelation 1:4 “Watch Your Verbs!”

“Grace and peace to you from the God who is, who was, and who is coming.”  John begins his letter to the churches of Asia Minor with this powerful and meaning-packed greeting.  And he has chosen his words very carefully, for John, more than any other writer of the New… Continue reading