Philippians 2:1-11 Albert Schweitzer and “Third Class”

One of the giants of the 20th century was Albert Schweitzer. In his first 30 years he accomplished more in several fields than most people can pull off in a lifetime. He wrote one book in theology, The Quest of the Historical Jesus, which changed the whole course of biblical… Continue reading

Luke 4:1-13 “Good Looking Devil”

In the popular movie Broadcast News, we are humorously introduced to a temptation faced by today’s network news. On one hand we have Aaron who is a brilliant reporter, passionate about his vocation, and committed to the highest professional standards. He believes the news should be fair, accurate, and informative…. Continue reading

Romans 12:1-2 – Lenten Meditation

Paul’s letters follow a pattern.  First, he presents the good news of God’s love poured out in Jesus Christ. After establishing the foundation of the gospel, he then applies that good news to the issues and challenges of his time faced by his little house churches. New Testament scholars call… Continue reading

Lent: “The Cross as God’s Solidarity With Creation”

During the season of Lent when we consider the meaning of the cross, we should observe that the church over the centuries has never settled on one interpretation of the death of Jesus. The New Testament itself understands that the cross has far more meaning than can be squeezed into… Continue reading

Appropriate Guilt

Not too many years ago it was fashionable to view guilt as an unhealthy legacy from a superstitious and unhappy past—from a time which we moderns were prepared to leave behind. Guilt was seen as neurotic, masochistic, and without any redeeming purpose in the lives of individuals or in the… Continue reading

The Ancient Practice of Lent

Some church historians believe that the season we know as Lent developed from two practices in the early church. The first practice involved the teaching of the catechumens, those persons who wanted to convert to Christianity. The early church was very serious about informing these catechumens about the faith. The… Continue reading