Country and God, Part Three

(In part one of this series we looked at the prophetic criticism of Israel’s national religion which viewed God as the defender and justifier of a blasphemous and idolatrous arrangement. The priests served the king and not God. They propped up the royal regime by claiming that YHWH was on… Continue reading

Country and God, Part Two

As citizens of a supposed democracy, we may think we are exempt from the mistake of confusing God with country. We have no anointed kings (although #45 would love to assume such a title). But we do have a system where many of the same dynamics are at work which characterized kingdoms and empires. As Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (or in this case as rotten). Kings and emperors have been replaced by oligarchs, corporations, and ruthless politicians. Continue reading

Country and God, Part One (Amos 7:10-27)

Read the Scripture Sometime around 760-750 BCE a man from the kingdom of Judah was called by God to become a prophet. This call marked the beginning of Israelite Classical Prophecy, one of the most amazing and influential religious movements in the history of the world. The prophet was a… Continue reading