Paul and the Gospel, Part 5

The challenge of our time (as with all times) is to find metaphors which reveal the essence of the gospel in ways which speak to us in our unique cultural context.  In our last article we looked at the different metaphors the writers of the New Testament used to communicate… Continue reading

Validity More Than Relevance

In an extraordinary interview with Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel just weeks before he died, the great philosopher and biblical scholar said that religion must have validity more than mere relevance. Today, there are many calls to relevance. I’ve noticed that I have referred to the necessity of relevance many times… Continue reading

The System: Change or Improve?

(10 minutes) The Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley is a Cherokee descendent, ordained pastor, activist, college professor, author, and farmer. For decades, he has been active in ongoing concerns that include Indigenous peoples, racism, eco-justice, social justice, sustainable and regenerative agriculture and earth practices, and inter-faith dialogue.  In a lecture entitled… Continue reading

Matthew 5: 1-12 “Blessed and Confronted by the Beatitudes”

Read the Scripture Our text for today is one of the most important passages in the New Testament.  In a real sense, if we understand the Beatitudes, we will understand the message and ministry of Jesus as well as our own calling as his disciples.  But we have several obstacles… Continue reading

Needed to be Developed—Had to be Done

During this pandemic Susan and I are living in Wabash, Indiana Monday-Friday taking care of our seven-year-old grandson Jeffery while our daughter and son-in-law work as RNs at the VA Hospital in Marion, Indiana. We return to our Indianapolis home on weekends. Weather permitting, we take our grandson to Paradise… Continue reading

Genesis 3 “The First Things” (The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) Part 9

At the beginning of this sermon series I suggested that we could better understand and interpret the opening chapters of Genesis if we realized that these traditions are primarily stories—ancient stories which have profound wisdom to impart regarding God, humankind, and creation. They are not historical and scientific accounts of… Continue reading