You Can’t Go Home Again: Part Three

(14 minutes) Part Two of this series entitled “You Can’t Go Home Again” ended with the suggestion that Christians should best be envisioned as pilgrims rather than wanderers. Pilgrims are on the move toward a goal. They are not homesteaders, but they do have a destination. If our primary calling… Continue reading

You Can’t Go Home Again: Part Two

(11 minutes) In part one of this series, we looked at the universal experience of how difficult it is for us to return to our original “homes” after having been absent for some time. We have changed and so have the people of our hometown, but too often we have… Continue reading

You Can’t Go Home Again: Part One

(7 minutes) In Thomas Wolfe’s novel You Can’t Go Home Again, author George Webber experiences the painful truth that it’s impossible to return to his hometown and feel “at home.” He has changed, but for the most part, his family and childhood friends are virtually the same.  Many of us… Continue reading