“Promises, Promises” Genesis 15:1-7

Read the Scripture One of the persistent questions plaguing the faithful is this: How do we continue to trust the promises of God when the evidence against those promises is all around us? Genesis 15:1-7 highlights this problem. When Abraham was seventy-five years old, he and Sarah left all the… Continue reading

You Can’t Go Home Again: Part Three

(14 minutes) Part Two of this series entitled “You Can’t Go Home Again” ended with the suggestion that Christians should best be envisioned as pilgrims rather than wanderers. Pilgrims are on the move toward a goal. They are not homesteaders, but they do have a destination. If our primary calling… Continue reading

Paul and the Gospel, Part Three

The royal proclamation is not simply the conveying of true information about the kingship of Jesus. It is the putting into effect of that kingship, the decisive and authoritative summoning to allegiance. Paul discovered, at the heart of his missionary practice, that when he announced the lordship of Jesus Christ,… Continue reading

Luke 1:26 38 “Those Blasted Angels”

What do you think of when you hear the word “angel”? Chubby babies with little, tiny wings? Effeminate men in bright robes washed in heavenly light with impressive wings? (Have you ever wondered how they sit or sleep at night?) Many of our images of angels come from European paintings,… Continue reading

Luke 5:12-17 When Saying “No” is a Form of Prayer

(The following sermon dates from a time when I pastored a large church with many demands place upon me not only by the parishioners and their families but by my own denomination, another denomination historically devoted to peace and justice, and several organizations within the area. I was overwhelmed and… Continue reading