Stories, Poetry, and Metaphors

The deep places in our lives – places of resistance and embrace – are reached only by stories, by images, metaphors and phrases that line out the world differently, apart from our fear and hurt. Imagination is a danger–thus every totalitarian regime is frightened of the artist. It is the… Continue reading

Heteronomy, Autonomy, and Theonomy

Paul Tillich, recognized as one of the greatest 20th century theologians, maintained that all human thought is an expression of heteronomy, autonomy, or theonomy. Heteronomy is the imposition of a law or system upon a human from outside himself/herself. When a religion sets itself up to dictate belief and action,… Continue reading

The Holy Spirit in the Bible and the Significance of the Spirit in the Contemporary World

(In this article I am dependent in part on Disciples’ theologian Clark M Williamson in his book Way of Blessing Way of Life: A Christian Theology. Williamson’s contributions can be found in quotes from his book in bold print. The remainder of the article contains my own ideas regarding the… Continue reading

“Starry Night” (Psalm 8; I John 3: 1-3)

When I despair of our world, and to be honest, when I despair of myself, I remember the stars filling a Texas sky on a cold winter night. Any creature out in space looking at our planet would see it not as it is today but as it was however many light-years away that creature may be from the earth. And just as that creature’s estimate of this earth would be woefully inadequate as to the world’s present condition, so any estimate we may have of ourselves or our world apart from God’s vision of what shall be is also terribly lacking. Continue reading

Few Are Guilty, but All Are Responsible (Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel)

I grew up in the South hearing statements like, “I never owned any slaves. Don’t blame me for what happened over a hundred years ago! I worked for what I have. Let them (and always “them” was uttered with a dismissive and contemptible tone) work as hard as I have…. Continue reading

The Danger and Fallacy of Perfectionism

Too many people in our world live all their lives guided by assumptions that are false, demeaning, and destructive. One of the most crippling assumptions we can have is that we must be perfect in who we are and in what we do. It’s very difficult (if not impossible) to… Continue reading

Heaven or Hell? (Part Three)

(This is the third article in the series entitled “Heaven or Hell?” based on the contemporary parable/metaphor found at the beginning of the first article. In the second article in this series, I presented an application of this parable to the hells we create in this life. In this article,… Continue reading