The Path to Progress: Part Five

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees

The last two articles in this series have been blunt about the threat of a sixth mass extinction looming on the horizon caused by human exploitation of nature, greed, ignorance (some of it intentional), and lethal egotism. There have been five mass extinctions in the history of our planet. The… Continue reading

The Path to Progress: Part Four

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees

We Americans tend to measure progress quantitatively. “More, more, and more” is our perpetual mantra. Our brand of capitalism depends on growth in terms of production, distribution, and consumption. We have created an economy which necessarily depends on this spiraling and expanding exploitation of the planet’s resources.  However, Homo sapiens… Continue reading

The Path to Progress: Part Three

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees

In part two of this series, I presented Jesus’ understanding of God’s love as unconditional, indiscriminate, self-giving, nonviolent, and everlasting as foundational to his message and ministry. I also suggested that such love is at the heart of the wisdom we need if we are to progress in ways which… Continue reading

The Path to Progress: Part Two

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees

Jesus was the most radical, countercultural person in the history of humankind. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world and much of the church view him. Too many times Christians have done their best to domesticate him or (in the words of one of my New Testament professors) to put… Continue reading

Wisdom Through Experience

So much Western Christianity assumes that this incident of eating the forbidden truth constitutes “the Fall” and the curse of “original sin.” It’s telling that elsewhere the Hebrew Scriptures never refer to this passage as an explanation of the origin of sin and evil in our world. Continue reading

It Was All Legal

supreme court

There are historians who maintain that all the acts and orders of Adolph Hitler were technically legal. Through intimidation, extortion, and the threats and practice of torture and murder, Hitler secured the legal approval of the German parliament (the Reichstag) and the courts to do whatever he wanted with immunity…. Continue reading

Zombies and Easter: Part Three

(18 minutes) The gospel is the Christian narrative of God’s great revelation in Jesus of Nazareth. This Christian story is true both metaphorically and historically. It is saturated with word and deed, Spirit and flesh, heaven and earth, transcendence and immanence, mind and body. The story begins before time, space,… Continue reading