A Decline in U. S. Christianity?

On September 13, 2022, the Pew Research Center and the General Social Survey released some alarming statistics.  In the early 1960s, approximately 90% of the U S population identified as Christian (this percentage included children). In 2020, only 64% identified as Christian. The number of people who identify as religiously… Continue reading

The Scourge and Gift of Time: Part Two

In Part One of this two-part series, we saw that the great Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel observed that our later years can be regarded as “formative years, rich in possibilities to unlearn the follies of a lifetime.” In that article, we saw how those autumn and winter seasons of… Continue reading

The Scourge and Gift of Time: Part One

I have never met anyone who would like to live his or her live over again with the same repetition of experiences—a perpetual “Groundhog Life” repeated ad infinitum ad nauseum.  At times, I’ve wished I could live my life over again knowing what I know now. I would make fewer… Continue reading

They Saw it Coming

I often find the wisdom and insights of people in the past to be more relevant than current analyses and predictions. In my reading this past week, I discovered three examples of such discernment:  An objective analysis will one day see the Reagan administration as a powerful factor in turning… Continue reading

The Wild, Radical, and Extremist Early Followers of Jesus

One of my favorite authors to read is David Bentley Hart. Hart is an Eastern Orthodox theologian and philosopher. He writes profoundly and is often difficult to read. (Even though I have a fairly good vocabulary, I keep a dictionary by my side when I read his works. Sometimes, I… Continue reading

Indigenous Worldviews Offer Hope to a Besieged Planet

Indigenous Peoples can offer us ways to heal this earth as well as hope for a future that is a desirable alternative to the nightmare predicted by climate scientist if we continue our present patterns of greed, production, and consumption.  Continue reading

The “So What” of the Last Things: Part Two

For most people the word “evangelism” conjures up images of tent revivals, pleading evangelists, threats of hell, promises of heaven, and “getting saved.” Evangelism is all some churches and Christians want to talk about while in other churches it is one of the most uncomfortable topics imaginable.  One of the… Continue reading

The “So What?” about the Last things: Part One

I have written many articles on this blog on the topic of eschatology. In this article and its companion to follow, I want us to consider why eschatology is important in the Christian faith and, more importantly, in following Jesus. In other articles, I have dealt with the sick distortions… Continue reading

A Clash of Worlds: Luke 10:25-37

(This sermon was preached 39 years ago. I was a college professor teaching religion in a Baptist college. Fundamentalists had chosen me as their target in that college with the intention of having me fired. Susan and I decided that we were no longer Baptists. The straw that broke the… Continue reading