Original Sin: Part Three

(9 minutes) In the first two articles in this series, we looked at the doctrine of original sin and how Western Christianity and Eastern Christianity differed in their understanding of this concept. We saw that Western Christianity taught that we inherit both the guilt and the consequences of the sin… Continue reading

Original Sin: Part Two

(7 minutes) According to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, we inherit the consequences of our ancestors’ sin but not the guilt associated with that sin. Some Eastern Orthodox theologians prefer the term “ancestral sin” to “Original Sin.” Each person and generation are responsible for their own guilt; however the consequences of their… Continue reading

Original Sin? Part One

(11 minutes) Many modern/postmodern people are reluctant to talk about sin. Part of the reason is because of the sick theology from much of the church regarding that subject. Emphases on original sin, trivial sins, threats of hell, exclusive claims regarding salvation, and a judgmental, punishing God are a turnoff… Continue reading