Zombies and Easter: Part Three

The gospel is the Christian narrative of God’s great revelation in Jesus of Nazareth. This Christian story is true both metaphorically and historically. It is saturated with word and deed, Spirit and flesh, heaven and earth, transcendence and immanence, mind and body. The story begins before time, space, and matter… Continue reading

Indigenous Wisdom

Several times on this blog I have mentioned the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is about “knowing how.” Wisdom is about “knowing why” in the sense of purpose and results. Knowledge can allow for astounding achievements. Wisdom can bring a profound and wholistic understanding of how all things are… Continue reading

Taking Responsibility

In my blog, I have been very critical of what is called “Penal Substitutionary Atonement theory.” (See the articles “The Death of Jesus: Penal Substitutionary Atonement” and “Demons: Part Three.”) I will not repeat the details of my critique of the theory in this article. However, I want to share… Continue reading

Erskine and MacDonald

Thomas Erskine (1788-1870) and George MacDonald (1823-1905) were two Scottish theologians whose forgotten legacy is one of the tragedies of Western Christianity. Erskine was a Scottish lord and lay theologian. MacDonald was a Scottish Protestant minister and fantasy novelist. Erskine influenced MacDonald, and MacDonald influenced C. S. Lewis and J…. Continue reading

Compassion, Patience, and the Womb of God

Perhaps one of the most difficult fruits of the Spirit for me to receive is patience. Like most people I am perhaps most impatient with myself. I expect too much of my life, my vocation, and my development. My compromised discipleship, my petty concerns, my hesitancy to have my day’s… Continue reading