The Path to Progress: Part Four

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees

We Americans tend to measure progress quantitatively. “More, more, and more” is our perpetual mantra. Our brand of capitalism depends on growth in terms of production, distribution, and consumption. We have created an economy which necessarily depends on this spiraling and expanding exploitation of the planet’s resources.  However, Homo sapiens… Continue reading

What Will It Take?

A society based on the exploitation of limited natural resources, harmful production, and obsessive consumption is ill equipped to plan for a radically different kind of life allowing for survival in the future. Our whole society is based on a “growing economy” which requires an expanding exploitation of the earth–the very exploitation which has produced the climate crisis which threatens the existence of much of our planet. Continue reading

The Rapture Hoax (Part 2)

My reasons for presenting these sermons on the Rapture are as follows: it figures greatly in the way many Americans think about the end of time; the idea of Rapture is based on a fanciful and false interpretation of the Bible; and belief in the Rapture leads to dangerous and… Continue reading

A Mother’s Tragic Tale

Once upon a time there was a mother with many children. Like most parents, this mother loved her children and did all she could to provide for, care for, and nurture them. She gave sacrificially of herself year after year. Not all of her children, however, followed her example. Some… Continue reading