Mark 9:38-50 “Watching Our Pronouns”

On the whole the disciple John does not come off very well in the Gospels. Along with James his brother, John sought the top positions in Jesus’ coming Kingdom: “Lord, give us first and second places in the Kingdom to come”–a crass, vulgar request without a hint of reluctance or… Continue reading

Genesis 39:1 23 “The Context and the Content of Life”

Chapter 39 of Genesis comes to us in three parts. The middle part, verses 7-20, tell us of a concrete incident in the life of Joseph. Here we find a slice of life – here we can see the content of life for a Hebrew slave, at least for that… Continue reading

God’s Answer to a Bad Reputation

I believe it was the homiletics professor and minister John Killinger who once said that “Jesus is God’s answer to a bad reputation.” I have often thought of the truth of that pithy statement, especially when I consider the way God is used and abused in our world. I can… Continue reading