The Scourge and Gift of Time: Part Two

(9 minutes) In Part One of this two-part series, we saw that the great Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel observed that our later years can be regarded as “formative years, rich in possibilities to unlearn the follies of a lifetime.” In that article, we saw how those autumn and winter… Continue reading

Van Gogh Goes to an Art Museum

My favorite painter is Vincent van Gogh. I am deeply touched by the ways in which he unveils the everyday and sometimes heartbreaking realities of this world while at the same time ennobling them with a breathtaking spiritual transcendence. His conflicted life was no doubt the price he paid for… Continue reading

Mighty Mouse Theology

(Based in part on Rob Bell’s Nooma DVD Series) Rob Bell begins an insightful analysis of God recounting a conversation he heard some years ago. Someone was telling about a dramatic moment in his life and summarized the event by saying with excitement and joy in his voice, “and then… Continue reading