Genesis 12:1-9 “The First Things” (God’s Answer to Babel) Part 16

There are four primary stories in Genesis 1-11: The Story of Adam and Eve, the Story of Cain and Abel, the Story of the Flood, and the Story of the Tower of Babel. In each of these stories we see the same pattern. There is first the sin of humans;… Continue reading

Does the World Know What We Mean?

One of my favorite stories from Clarence Jordan’s life deals with a conversation he had with a newspaper reporter who came to Koinonia Farm to investigate this radical Christian community. Koinonia Farm was Jordan’s attempt to gather Christians of all races together into an intentional community based on the teachings… Continue reading

Acts 1:1-14 “Living in Between”

That day on the Mount of Olives marks a pivotal transition in the life of the church.  Luke is the only Gospel writer to report this ascension. We don’t do much with the ascension in our theology.  In fact, some people are embarrassed by the way Luke presents it. Is… Continue reading