Ephesians 4:1-16 “The Universal Body of Christ”

When I was a child, my notion of church never went beyond the gathered community that worshiped in the fortress like structure on Chesterfield St. in Aiken, S.C. In fact, my concept of church was inextricably tied to that dark and mysterious building. I belonged to that church. My friend Ernie… Continue reading

Matthew 9:35-10:8 — Driven by Compassion

The famous pulpiteer George Buttrick in commenting on this passage asked the following rhetorical question: “How does a crowd affect us?” A crowd might evoke fear, excitement, disgust, weariness, or indifference. But I would suggest that rarely does a crowd evoke compassion. Yet in our passage Jesus looked out over… Continue reading

Acts 1:1-14 “Living in Between”

That day on the Mount of Olives marks a pivotal transition in the life of the church.  Luke is the only Gospel writer to report this ascension. We don’t do much with the ascension in our theology.  In fact, some people are embarrassed by the way Luke presents it. Is… Continue reading