Whose Stuff Will They Be? Luke 12:13-21

Read the Scripture The obvious answer is these large barns of grain as well as all the man’s wealth will go to his heirs. All the man’s energy and time, all the precious potential he squandered while focusing on acquisition and greed, all the possibilities he rejected to make the… Continue reading

Heaven or Hell? (Part Three)

(This is the third article in the series entitled “Heaven or Hell?” based on the contemporary parable/metaphor found at the beginning of the first article. In the second article in this series, I presented an application of this parable to the hells we create in this life. In this article,… Continue reading

Heaven or Hell? (Part Two)

(This article is the second in a series entitled “Heaven or Hell?” Readers may want to read the first article to find the parable/metaphor referred to in this second article. In that first article I related the parable to the unfortunate and perpetual practice of many poor, working-class, and middle-class… Continue reading

Heaven or Hell? (Part One)

In the vast repertoire of sermon illustrations and stories can be found the following illustration/parable/metaphor. The essential truth differentiating heaven and hell was revealed to a man through a vision. Both heaven and hell contained banquet tables in beautifully decorated settings. The tables overflowed with the most delicious and desirable… Continue reading