Cracks and Questions

Questions and cracks are two ways God can use to deepen our faith, encourage our growth, and give us great joy. Those who dread such a route very often have a religion based on fear. If they question or doubt, they are afraid they will go to hell or face some terrible punishment. But once our minds have expanded by asking a question or harboring a doubt, they can never return to their original size. Continue reading

Philippians 3: 10-14 “The Growing Edge”

Our culture has been blessed by the African American Howard Thurman who has been called the American prophet of soul. With an impressive career as an educator in some of the finest universities in the United States, Thurman was a poet, mystic, philosopher, and theologian. This morning I want to share… Continue reading

The Problem With Utopia

Jean Vanier is a Canadian Christian who founded the L’Arche movement. (L’Arche is French for “The Ark.”) This movement is made up of communities of mentally and physically challenged persons and “normal” people (Who among us is really normal?) who seek to live in the spirit of the Beatitudes from… Continue reading