An Introduction to Christian Eschatology

Go into any “Christian” bookstore and you will find many books on the “end times” and the “last things”—books on the Rapture, heaven and hell, the Second Coming, the Last Judgment, and Armageddon as well as books with charts predicting the order and nature of what will come in the… Continue reading

Some Thoughts About the Book of Revelation

Over the decades of my ministry (both teaching and pastoring), I have been asked why John wrote his message using such bizarre and confusing symbols. If his point was to communicate the spiritual, life and death struggle between Rome and the church/between Caesar and Christ, then why didn’t he just… Continue reading

Hallelujah Chorus

The church where Susan and I are members [Downey Ave Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)] ends each Easter service with our talented organist Monna Breland playing the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah. Everyone in the sanctuary follows the custom of standing during this rousing piece of music. The tradition behind… Continue reading