Stand Up and Be Counted!

Once to every thinking person
comes a moment to decide
whether to improve or worsen
life for those who share the ride.

In a culture populated
equally by right and wrong,
half are glorified; half hated.
All must rise to get along.

Those who choose the path of kindness
have a duty to the horde
lacking empathy whose blindness
simply cannot be ignored.

Never will the sound of silence
in the wake of cruel deeds
be acceptable. Nonviolence
doesn’t mean “abandon needs”.

Standing up for truth and justice,
quell the panic, lest we fall
for a web of lies that thrust us
straight into the devil’s thrall.

Citizen of earth and nation
striving for the common good,
raise a thundering vibration
over every neighborhood.

Only in a coalition
born of passionate desire
can a movement gain volition
going forward through the fire.

ccby 2020 Mary Boren

The two opening lines are borrowed from a hymn written by James Lowell Russell in 1845.

Adrift on an ocean

“Spend enough time in the thick of the fight and you become conditioned to it, poisoned by its cynicism and contempt, hardened by its continual cruelty. Face the world in a battle posture long enough and you lose the ability to live any other way.”

On Learning To Love Offensively (For Those Weary From The Fight)
John Pavlovitz


Adrift on an ocean
of fear and despair
without any notion
of how, when or where
we’re heading has taken
a toll on us all.
With reason forsaken
and hatred on call,
we worry and wonder
at what we can do.
Somewhere over yonder
a light’s shining through
the clouds that were hiding
the truth in our midst,
that love is abiding
but needs an assist.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode