Verdicts Speak Louder

PBS reports: Trump avoids mention of Cohen, Manafort legal drama at West Virginia rally

Hours before the rally, Manafort was convicted in federal court in Virginia on eight counts of financial crimes. Cohen pleaded guilty in federal court in New York to eight felonies, including breaking federal campaign finance law by arranging payments to two women who said they had sexual relationships with Trump before he became president.


Trump has denied the relationships.



He called his supporters to gather
And whipped them up into a lather.
But Cohen and Manafort
Had a bad day in court:
Bigger news than the president’s blather.

2018 Colleen Anderson



“It was a small illustration of how casually the president throws out questionable information that sounds good, even when he could easily — and truthfully — have made the same point about his crowd without hyperbole. (And as he accused the media of dishonesty).”


I tweeted a photo of the Trump rally crowd — and then things got crazy


At revival-like rallies he feeds
his insatiable ravenous needs
to suckle on praise
while he blathers and brays
to a base still consuming his screeds

Lily Beth Baker, 4/30/17

Massive Pro-trump Rally in Atlanta

So they came by the dozens of tens
with their flag waving friends, feeling proud
as they clamored to capture the lens
for a photo that proves they’re a crowd.


© Susan E. Eckenrode, 2017