Fake news again! Really! How dare they?

President Donald Trump unleashed a Twitter torrent Friday morning following days of punishing headlines over his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.


Trump’s tweetstorm railed against the “fake media” and those who expect his surrogates to defend him with “perfect accuracy,” while giving a stern warning to Comey that he “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”


AM ET President Trump Unleashes on Fired FBI Director James Comey and ‘Fake Media
NBC News


Fake news again! Really! How dare they?
That Comey was tossed out on Tuesday!
The fellow kept digging
straight into my wigging!
I booted him right out the doorway!

Eric Linden, 5/11/17

There’s much to learn a google click away

“We rightfully abhor people who’d intentionally spread an actual physical virus, right? So why don’t we apply the same stigma to the people coughing up urban legends into our Facebook newsfeeds and contaminating our Twitter streams?”

Here’s How to Prevent Fake News from Spreading on Social Media
Luke O’Neil, Vice



There’s much to learn a google click away,
despite which willful ignorance abounds.
A sound byte or a meme cannot convey
enough on any topic making rounds.
Beware of propaganda in the guise
of facts, like memes designed to raise your ire.
Manipulated imagery and lies
succeed when feckless fear and greed conspire.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode



Too reckless to fact-check

“Using a variety of tools, CrossCheck asks the general public to join the war against disinformation and related bullshit by hitting them up with links to “disputed sites.” CrossCheck will then investigate these inquiries and reveal their results in a running list on their website. BuzzFeed News, AFP, Storyful, Les Echos, and additional outlets have also joined the CrossCheck initiative. ”

Here’s How Facebook and Google Are Fighting Fake News



We all know a few of those dopes
Too reckless to fact-check with Snopes,
But this BLOTUS we’ve got
Is the worst of the lot.
Could someone please show him the ropes?

© 2017 Colleen Anderson



In a month that is feeling like years

“Four weeks in, the man who says he inherited “a mess” at home and abroad is presiding over a White House that is widely described as itself being a mess.
Stung by the unrelenting criticism coming his way, Trump dismisses much of it as ‘fake news’ delivered by ‘the enemy of the people’ — aka the press. Daily denunciations of the media are just one of the new White House fixtures Americans are adjusting to.”

– The Associated Press
A Month of the 45th Presidency: Tweets and Turmoil for Trump


In a month that is feeling like years
forty-five is still fueling our fears;
it’s the art of the deal
touting fake news as real
while his advocates cover their rears.

© Susan E. Eckenrode, 2017