This site is offered as a commercial-free outlet for nonviolent political protest. Serious and humorous verse will be presented in entertaining, easily digestible bytes, with an ultimate goal of reaching the uninformed and prodding the unconcerned. Religion that has gone to bed with politics is fair game as well. Please follow these guidelines in submitting your own original work for consideration:

1. The first order of preference will be short forms, such as limerick (but not the bawdy variety), clerihew, double dactyl, etc. Although these forms lend themselves to doggerel, forced rhyme (unless clearly for comic effect) and/or erratic meter is not invited here.

2. Sonnet, parody, ballad, and other metrical forms should be a maximum of 40 lines unless the poem is unusually compelling.  Videos and readings are also welcome.

3. Make a point about a legitimate policy issue or criticism of a specific public figure, but avoid cheap shots to physical characteristics, personal grooming, fashion choice, or the like. (Caricatures may be sought at a later date.)

4. You may also submit verse as commentary or tribute to events and leaders who exemplify progressive values.

5. Observe the PG rating for this site. Innuendo is acceptable; profanity is not.

You may submit via message to our Facebook page.

Photo Attribution: Thomas Altfather Good