Donald Trump Looks And Acts Mentally Ill, Says CNBC Correspondent John Harwood
“He did not look well to me in that press conference. He was not speaking logically or rationally. There was something about his affect which was oddly kind of languid from him. I don’t know what it means, but he did not look well to me.”

Inquisitr reports:

Trump’s behavior at the G7 summit, during which he’s railed against “unfair” trade practices with America’s closest allies, suggested allowing Russia back into the fold, threatening retaliatory tariffs, and criticized presidents going back to the Eisenhower administration, has been described as “harsh” even by Fox News. But for Harwood and his CNBC colleagues, it’s more concerning than that.


This is not the first time Trump’s mental health has come up in conversation. Back in April, as Vanity Fair reported at the time, Trump advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that they were concerned with the president’s mental health. In particular, they were worried about what Trump might say or do during a five-day vacation at Mar-a-Lago with nothing on his schedule, in advance of a summit with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.


Similarly, as Fox News reports, Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, endured a barrage of questions about the president’s mental health. Jackson tried to ease concerns by pointing out that the president had scored perfectly on a cognitive test that included being told to draw a clock.


Lost his mind long ago, no doubt, but is he also losing the support of his base?


He bragged about his expertise to lead
and many all too trustingly agreed,
unmindful that his feet are cast in lead
and leaden marbles roll inside his head.

Susan Eckenrode, 6/29/18

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