The State of the Un-Union Address

Success is touted sweetest
By he who walks a line
Between the poor and needy
With one thing on his mind

Do unto others, while in charge,
Remove their rights to stay
And while your mumbling ‘kiss my ass’
Just tweet what’s rude to say

Success is hate and mass control
And all the things you think
While you walk proudly with that grin
And leave behind your stink

America how can we watch
Our world in disarray
While future death walks on our heels
And buries us that way

Success is lying from the swamp
Where fellow gators growl
There’ll be no life if they are left
To watch him as he prowls

The elderly now feel the crunch
Where tax cuts – cut them most
Security comes when you die
With health the lethal dose

Success is his to huff and puff
‘bout all he now un-did
And bully those who’ve had enough
While dignity stays hid

Dream on dreamers for your fate
Is balancing his acts
Here today then on your way
Unregarding all your facts.

Yes! Success is touted sweetest
By the sourball to all
To comprehend just what we had
We had to take that fall!

Un-love is that un-liberty
We live in freedom’s grip
Un-healthy and un-forgiven now
We’re living his own trip!


© 2018 Joy A. Burki-Watson

Image by Donkey Hotey


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