The media should be much nicer

In Friday’s briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer denied that a tweet from President Trump threatening former FBI director James B. Comey was a threat, insisted that the president maintained a busy schedule and therefore it was hard to be accurate all the time, dodged a question about whether the president tapes White House meetings, boasted about how hard his people work, uttered the mantra “the tweet speaks for itself,” maintained that his shop didn’t, in fact, mislead the public about the rationale for Comey’s firing, even though it clearly did, and lamented how the media is obsessed with small things.


Another day at the office, in other words.


The Daily Spicer: ‘He’s a nice man’
Eric Wemple, Opinion, The Washington Post



The media should be much nicer
to me and to you, my dear Spicer.
Because you stayed hidden,
that isn’t forbidden!
Next time, just tell ‘em “Aye aye, sir.”

Eric Linden, 5/11/17


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