Oh, the Donald’s recall may be spotty

“If there’s one thing the internet keeps a sharp lookout for, it’s any indications that President Donald Trump is, well, confused. Whether it’s a matter of advancing political conspiracy theories without evidence, or citing false facts like his repeated claim to have won the presidency by a historic Electoral College margin, there’s plenty to keep track of. But those things are more serious and consequential than what transpired during Trump’s joint presser with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni this week: Trump called Luciano Pavarotti his ‘great friend,’ despite the fact that the storied singer died nearly a decade ago.”





Oh, the Donald’s recall can be spotty
But does that give him pause? Oh no, not he
With no smidgeon of shame
He makes bold to proclaim
That he’s chums with the late Pavarotti!

© 2017 Dan Letwin



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