To be clear (2-link limerick chain)

“That business has become more responsive to public outcry than elected officials isn’t anything to celebrate, but it is an opportunity for activists.”


Sadly it was money – not morals – that forced Fox to boot Bill O’Reilly
Lucia Graves, The Guardian


“We know whose back you have [Mr. President] and it’s not our half of the population’s. But hey, thanks for proclaiming April as National Sexual Assault Prevention Month. It helps draw attention to the widespread phenomenon of sex abuses in our cities, villages, schools, work places and homes.”


We know whose back you have, Mr. President: Not ours
Rehka Basu, The Des Moines Register



To be clear, so there’s no more confusion,
Fox’s settlements smack of collusion
but when sponsors pull out
and the star’s lost his clout,
then O’Reilly-dom spins to conclusion.

As O’Reilly-dom spins to conclusion,
will the POTUS promote his illusion
that “Bill’s a good guy
and both he and I
are just victims of women’s delusions.”

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode


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