Aiming to Blame

“Unlike his personal hero, Vladimir Putin, President Trump can’t have his political opponents thrown into prison, shot dead in the street or flung off fourth-floor balconies. In Moscow, Russian soldiers could have herded those women in stupid pink hats into stockades like cows. If a few opinionated heifers got roughed up, well, they asked for it, didn’t they?


Instead, Trump was reduced to making excuses for the failure of his farcical Obamacare ‘reform’ by launching impotent attacks against just about everybody in Washington.”

Trump’s desperate quest for someone to blame
Gene Lyons, Opinion, Chicago Sun Times



So the POTUS has steadied his aim
at the culprits he’s sure are to blame
for the health bill’s demise;
yeah, they better get wise,
‘cause his shit-list includes every name.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode


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