To the folks who think trillions in spending

“So even if the DOD really needs new money to better counter external threats, there is little assurance that it will spend that new money wisely. Republicans often criticize Democrats for throwing money at dubious government programs irrespective of necessity or results, but the GOP’s approach to military spending reveals their hypocrisy. Republican warnings about budget deficits, unsustainable entitlements and government waste ring hollow when it is obvious that they are willing to lavish billions more on the military-industrial complex without insisting on accountability or even a compelling case in terms of cost and benefit.”

Why Spending $1 Trillion a Year on Defense Won’t Make Us Safer
The Fiscal Times

To the folks who think trillions in spending
on weapons and war never-ending
will make us secure,
it will only insure
boundless profit for those who are vending.

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