The Latest Show on Earth

Photo by Nazim Uddin: "Elephants and Dancers"

What is a circus going to do
without a proper tamer?
The animals may misconstrue
and act in ways that shame her,
The lyin’ troupe of balance men
may fall from their tightropes
They’ve shown us all, time and again
they all walk slipp’ry slopes
And need I mention ‘bout the leader,
of this fine brass band?
He’s known to be an avid tweeter –
with freedom out-of-hand!
It is the latest show on earth
and one that’s just not fair
and might I add, for all it’s worth,
each day’s a new nightmare!

© 2017 Joy A. Burki-Watson

Image Source

“You could make a case the Ringling circus isn’t fading away. It’s simply changing costumes and setting up shop in the biggest tent of all.”

One circus closes and another comes to Washington
Ruth, Tampa Bay Times, Opinion

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