Forty-five is reversing each gain

“Last year, over 200 anti-LGBT bills were introduced in 34 states, 50 of which targeted trans people specifically. This year will surely see even more—including on the federal level, where it is unknown what bills President-elect Trump will or won’t sign, though it is well-known where his evangelical deputies, such as Vice President-elect Mike Pence and Education Secretary-designate Betsy DeVos, stand. After a few years of fitful progress, cultural visibility, and executive branch history-making, it’s now open season on transgender Americans. Bathroom bills would be ironic if they weren’t so tragic.” – The Daily Beast



Forty-five is reversing each gain
with his tactics designed to restrain,
confound and confuse,
restrict and abuse;
it’s a sadly familiar refrain.

© Susan E. Eckenrode, 2017


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